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Alquiler, Rent 130€ /mes - Parking, Plaza Coche
Coche mediano + moto
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Parking Car in Gracia Village, Barcelona.

Parking Car in Gracia Village, Barcelona.

Car parking Gracia. Wide access ramp with space for turns and easy maneuverability. In the center of Gracia, in a neighboring building, a short walk from the Plaza de la Virreina and Verdi. The Parking has

Elevator, CCTV security, Door and Alarm System

The Gracia Village, Barcelona.

The Gracia Village is a small village annexed by Barcelona in the late nineteenth century. This makes Gracia one of the most charming areas of the city as it has never lost its appearance village with its small cozy streets with little traffic. Gracia Village, Grace Village, is also one of the neighborhoods with most city’s identity and keeps alive their pre-annexation to the city traditions. Gracia district of Barcelona is full of trendy shops and bars.

Parking in Gracia Village: a small need.

The main attraction of Barrio de Gracia: its appearance cozy village is also a small disadvantage because its streets are small and very difficult to find parking. Also keep in mind the different actucaciones City Council to create islands with restricted passage super-cars. Have in the Barrio de Gracia parking is a need to facilitate everyday life

Parking Gracia Coche Grande

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