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Description of Flats for Rent in Barcelona Province with photos.

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Flats for rent in Barcelona Province | Ausbar
Ausbar Technical and Legal Advice s.l.l

Description: Fincas Ausbar is a company that offers the services of administration of rentals and communities, wealth management and real estate agency in Barcelona. Professionals in the management of sale, rent, investments and patrimonial societies

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Real Estate Barcelona

Description Real estate agency specializing in luxury properties and offices for sale and rent in Barcelona, ​​Castelldefels, Gavà Mar, Sitges, and Maresme. In all Spain, In all Catalonia.

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Immobiliària basically residential, of flats and houses to sell and rent in the whole area of ​​Catalonia, with headquarters in Barcelona and the Maresme

If you have decided to rent a house of your property, logically you will look for the highest profitability and, at the same time, the greatest security with respect to the tenants. To comply with the first objective, it is essential to be properly advised and, for the second, it is essential to know the law, that is, your rights and obligations as a landlord. Let’s analyze all this step by step.

Ausbar Asesoría is considered one of the points of reference within the Barcelona real estate sector. We are endorsed by the experience and seriousness acquired over almost 200 years of management and improvement of the patrimony of our customers through entities associated with Ausbar.

I want to rent my apartment because I have to go live in another province. I would like you to advise me to rent it in the safest way in case of possible defaults by the tenant. I have read some insurance, but I do not have anything clear. Thanks and regards.

1. Make a careful selection of the tenant

Caring for the tenant selection can be one of the most important aspects to take into account in the process of renting a home safely
To know the solvency of a tenant we can request your payroll and employment contract, in order to check your ability to pay and job stability. In addition, there are different records of defaulters to be able to consult in which to find out if the potential tenant has already had incidents of payment in advance and, in such case, be warned to request other types of guarantees or even to reject the tenant. This point can be much easier if the rent is managed through a professional, because although the potential tenant may be reluctant to give their personal and economic data to a private individual, they will be more willing to risk study. Realize a real estate professional.

After years of experience as a lawyer

I’ve realized that everyone goes through the same problems and the same doubts arise. Most people feel alone in the process and do not know where to start. If you feel this way you can be calm, it is absolutely normal. Renting a house in conditions requires a series of procedures and legal precautions that many are unaware of and it is normal that at times you feel frustrated or helpless.

If you are an owner and you thought that, with announcing the house and finding a reliable tenant was all done, you were falling into an error. This is because, from the outset, there is a series of documents without which you will find it impossible to rent legally and even publish your offer.

The rent is in full boil and generates constant doubts to owners and tenants. We show you a guide with recommendations for you to successfully face your entry in the rental market

It is also present in the rental of the house. However, their payment does not correspond to the landlord but to the tenant, since the tax legislation understands the fact of living rent as an onerous acquisition. “Until a few months ago this charge, which has existed for years and whose claim falls on the autonomous communities, was not requested.

You can get a simple note on this link.

Check that the information contained in the simple note matches the information provided by the landlord, or otherwise ask for explanations.

Not declaring the rent on the income statement is a very common practice in Spain. But the Treasury is putting the ‘batteries’ and its new initiatives in the Tax Fraud Prevention Plan have helped to discover numerous rents in black that have increased the collection of public coffers in recent years. Given this situation, will it continue

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