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Technical and legal advice.

About Us: Our advice born of experience almost bicentennial Barba Family. Linked to the expansion of Barcelona beyond the walls and to the establishment of Foundations, Organizations and Companies in Barcelona. We have worked for clients throughout Spain. Ausbar is today one of the most traditional companies.

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Currently we are a professional team dedicated to Protecting the Interests of Our Customers. We work in different areas with multidisciplinary teams that focus on topics addressed from all perspectives.

We have the experience of working with clients for over a hundred years, providing security to these entities. trust and discretion they need and deserve.

Our priority is that the Customer feels safe and cared for in the legal field. We explain all the steps and possible actions, advise and respect the customer’s decision . Our job is to guide in the legal process needs , accompanying and explaining your best options. The law is equal for everyone but each client is different and has unique needs.

About us in Ausbar 

Ausbar Lawyer: Pablo Barba directs Area Lawyers and Real Estate Investments. Expert in Real Estate Law, Estate and Family .

Ausbar Architecture: Architect Expert buildings and Community Services, Javier Barba has performed throughout Spain: Schools, Sports halls, Dormitories, Hospital Centers , Residences Sick and Dependents People. Header architect of Historic Buildings, is an expert in adapting to modern uses and current regulations. He has also designed gardens and private homes.

Ausbar Real Estate has a team of multilingual professionals with years of experience in the Real Estate Market that will help in the overall process of acquisition or sale of your property . We advise all knowledge of the housing market and everything related to foreign investments and the sale of luxury properties.

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