Nightclub In Sitges

Description of a Nightclub Project in Sitges

The Hotel Calipolis in Sitges needed to remodel a space of 130 m² to convert it into a multipurpose room that could be used as a nightclub, corporate meeting room and banquet hall for events.

The Hotel Management asked for a current design that would fit in with the rest of the Building and that the decoration could fit according to the different uses.

General Elements

They had to update ceilings, floors and walls. The Neutrality of the White was chosen with a neutral floor that is easy to maintain and highly durable.

The large windows were updated so that natural light could reach the whole room in the events held during the day.

The Light as a central element of Decoration

The fact that the room has different uses conditioned the decoration and the design of it. The decorative elements of the night would have to go unnoticed during the day.

Javier Barba devised a lighting system that would give nightlife to the party room and allow the space to look bland during the day for conventions or business meetings.

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discoteca SitgesNightclub

Sound system and screens for presentations

The sound system and the acoustics of the venue were designed to enjoy music at nightclub and for professional presentations.

The room has a DJ booth and a large dance area.

A large screen hidden in the ceiling in the disco low between two columns before the bar to offer a spectacular support for presentations and that this is hidden.

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The toilets of the hall-disco offer an ideal image for the two uses of the room.

plano de diseño de la discoteca

Access from the Beach

The large room has an outdoor access area that orients the room towards the beach. The Hotel Calipolis is located on the beachfront and the management wanted the project to be oriented towards it.

The project also has an infirmary and a playground that can be closed.

Brisa Hotel Room

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calipolis hotel discoteca

Javier Barba, Architect.

Javier Barba captains the architecture office: Ausbar Architect. He is the founder of Ausbar and has extensive experience in the Design and Construction of Non-Residential Buildings, Housing and Restoration of Cataloged and / or Historic Buildings. 


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