Landscaping: The Secret Garden of Barcelona.

The Secret Garden of Barcelona: Home Sant Josep de la Muntanya.

Home Sant Josep de la Muntanya is a Welcome Centre for Children at Risk of Social Exclusion. It is located in the Barrio de Gracia in Barcelona and includes one of the lungs of Barcelona. The Secret Garden is closed to protect children and young people seeking to improve their lives and only can be intuited from a large gate located at Travessera de Dalt. Once a year the Garden to the locals who wish to see and spend a pleasant morning walking through it opens.

This Sunday March 20, the Garden will open at 11: 45h until 14h.

A secret in the Secret Garden

Jardín Secreto. Can Tusquets.

Gardens surrounded to the few houses left from the Vila de Gracia, one of them with a beautiful Blue Facade and an impressive Sundial: Can Tusquets is an architectural jewel nestled in the current Travessera de Dalt. It is a country house of 1793 with a graffito precious. The farmhouse has an attached house and a pool lesser used today as a pool for children accommodated in the center. The house was sold by Juan Tusquets Marcet to the Congregation which manages the home on October 30, 1920.



Images of Garden.

Children’s play area, fountains, porches …….


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And places to dream …

no doubt these elements of fantasy and imagination fill a space designed by and for children.

Both the Sanctuary and the whole forming the farmhouse Can Tusquets part of Historic and Artistic Architectural Heritage of the City of Barcelona.

Javier Barba Landscape architect is responsible for the maintenance and design of the new elements are incorporated into this Secret Garden.

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