Reform to rent

A reform to then rent the Apartment?

For many people a reform can be an added stress and it is very difficult for them, but let’s face it, it’s the best option.

reformar para alquilar

Long-term tenants

After a lifelong tenant, entering the home can be a devastating experience. A tenant who has lived in the apartment for decades and who has grown older can include decorative elements of a loving grandmother who prepares a snack for us, but it is not the ideal that a new tenant will look for.

Reform for Rent

It is evident above all in the kitchen. It is perhaps the part of the house that most

concina reformada ante despues

reforma cocina

Change the Distribution

When it comes to Reforming for Rent there are several decisions that must be taken, one of them is to update the distribution of the house. In previous decades the floors were very compartmentalized, prepared for large families but nowadays the widest spaces are preferred, there are even those who prefer a Loft type design without doors or walls.

Changing the distribution will depend on what is sought and the characteristics of the building. If you have to put beams or change many facilities, the project is much more expensive, so you have to analyze different options and look for the one that allows us to obtain a higher cost-benefit ratio. Also influences the area, we can make a reform of high standing but if the neighborhood is middle class we will not amortize the investment. It is better to put all the tables on the table to make the best choice.

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Project Realized by Javier Barba Architect

Decisions to make

Undoubtedly there are important concepts to take into account when reforming to rent:

Concepts that make the project more expensive

and on which to decide:

reformar per llogar reform to rent

Distribution / Heating / Air Conditioning

Reform for Rent is a good investment

Reforming a floor that has become obsolete is a good investment, if you make the right decisions you can increase the rental price and reduce the time without renting. With a quality reform we can opt for more solvent and long-term tenants, avoiding temporary tenants.

Particular Experience:

Jaime Barba, Real Estate Investment Manager, answers this question, is it worth it? Reform to Rent?

Without a doubt, a well-placed apartment revalues ​​its price if it is updated. Always bear in mind the market price of the area in which the house is located and a study must be done.

For example, we have just remodeled two houses: one in the Quadrant d’Or of the Eixample, in front of the old Ritz hotel and another in Nueva Gracia. In the first we valued a parquet floor of first quality since it is a regal property in very good condition and in a very good area, the rent in this area, let’s say it can reach a high figure. On the other hand, in Nueva Gracia, we are in a neighborhood that is being revalued among young people, so we opted for a tiled floor that looks like parquet, with a modern and above all comfortable result for couples or young families.

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