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With this name the Architect was known who attended to a family or an organization in the day-to-day needs of its historic buildings. For many years the families had a family doctor and a family architect. This architect knew the buildings of his clients at his fingertips, solved the problems that could arise and managed the maintenance of them. He used to be the designer of the project or meet the previous architect when he retired.

Javier Barba is the Head Architect of numerous buildings in Barcelona. Many of these buildings are Historic, Old and / or Cataloged Buildings and are both Residential Buildings, Hospitals and Religious Centers. Knowing the details of the buildings in their daily maintenance facilitates the solution of problems if they arise: floods, breakages, etc., but the most important thing is the prevention of them. If the building is well maintained, the bill for possible repairs is lower and the peace of the owner is not altered.

The Restoration of Cataloged Buildings entails the responsibility of maintaining an Architectural Heritage of all. The fulfillment of even stricter standards than in the restorations of modern buildings or without artistic interest means that not all architects know the necessary techniques.

Buildings in which we have worked:

Arquitecte del seminari

Javier Barba, Architect.

Javier Barba captains the architecture office: Ausbar Architect. He is the founder of Ausbar and has extensive experience in the Design and Construction of Non-Residential Buildings, Housing and Restoration of Cataloged and / or Historic Buildings. 


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