Smart Home: Internet of the Things.

Smart Home: Internet of the Things.

Smart Home: A Home Automation.

Having a Smart Home is an increasingly widespread reality.

Why a smart home?

A smart home thanks to 5G and the Internet of things will allow us to save energy and gain in tranquility and conford.

We can control almost everything from our SmartPhone, Tablet, IPad or Computer.

What can we find in a Home Home or Smart Home

  • Thermostats controlled from any Android device or IOS.
    Surveillance of the interior of the home in any place.
    Surveillance of the exterior.
    Windows and electric shutters.
    Regulators of light intensity.
    Digital chronothermostats, for the control of heating and / or air conditioning.
    Awnings that are collected automatically to prevent wind breakage.
    Fire or gas detectors that cut off the supply to prevent accidents.
    Intelligent Lighting Systems.
    Smart Hubs and Kits.
    Music and Movie playback devices connected throughout the house.

Myths of Domotic Houses.

The current systems of home automation are fully integrated by what the myth of cables and complicated gadgets, that’s a myth. App’s allow you to control virtually everything from outside the home.

Ausbar Consultora offers:

smarthome Crowdfunding Inmobiliario

Consultancy in the housing design phase.

Implementation of the prescription and the executive project.

Installation and Construction Management.

System Configuration and Programming

Start-up and Technical Support.

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