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What procedure do you need?

Technical Advice: In daily life we need certificates and reports regarding buildings and constructions. Some are demanded by the Public Administration, others are used between individuals as in a purchase-sale.

In Ausbar: Technical Advisory Architecture we take care of all of them, we carry them out and if you wish we will manage the procedures with the corresponding Public Administration. 

Certificado ambiental Technical AdvisoryHabitability cells.
ITE: Technical Building Inspection.
Energy efficiency certificate / Energy Certificate.
Ecological labels
Updated cartographic survey of real estate.
Reports, Reports, Performances and Certificate.
Activity or Opening Licenses.
Header Architect.

Technical Advisory specialized in Building Technical Regulations for advice and support to professionals, companies, entities, public administrations and individuals.

We provide services about Building Technical Regulations in different modalities:

We advise and collaborate in the fulfillment of the current regulations regarding building.

Technical Advice

Ausbar Builder: Technical Advice is a group of Architects, Engineers and Builders specialized in designing, executing and carrying out the maintenance of installations in Housing, Commercial Premises and for the Hospital and Assistance Sector. We have a long experience in Educational Centers and Industrial Kitchens.


Ausbar Builder works with professionals of the highest level: some of them are companies with more than 100 years of experience in their sector. We have changed with our customers, we have adapted to new technologies and new regulations. Ausbar Constructora makes a permanent commitment to technology, innovation and training.

Ausbar Technical and Legal Advice

ausbar abogado inmobiliaria constructora y arquitecto


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