Churches, Restoration and Conservation

Restoration of Churches, Chapels and Convents

Some of the buildings in which we have worked:

Associated with the oldest Builder Company in Catalonia, responsible for the construction of many of these same churches, we perform services of Restoration and Conservation of Churches, Chapels and Convents.

The collaboration with the heirs of the original builders allows us to maintain the responsibility of preserving the artistic patrimony but to a greater extent the heritage of Faith that these buildings maintain generation after generation.

Maintaining the daily life of a Monastery or Church entails knowing and sharing the charism of each Religious Congregation

The privilege of working with Religious Congregations and their Foundations allows us to collaborate in the Faith in Christ and in the publicity of the Good News of the Gospel. We are pleased to help improve the religious and charitable activities of each Congregation.

Some Congregations that know us

Quality to last

Javier Barba, Architect.

Javier Barba captains the architecture office: Ausbar Architect. He is the founder of Ausbar and has extensive experience in the Design and Construction of Non-Residential Buildings, Housing and Restoration of Cataloged and / or Historic Buildings. 


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restauracion y conservacion de iglesias, monasterios y conventos