Reform for Young Couple and Traveler


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Flat in Nueva Gracia by Javier Barba

Reform for Young Couple and Traveler


diseño interiores javier barba arquitecto

Javier Barba Architect has a great experience developing very personal projects. This time the owners of the apartment were a young couple who likes to travel a lot.

The housing was a challenge because it was the typical apartment very compartmentalized and the couple wanted a more modern layout with a open kitchen.

The first option was to throw the first partition separating the distributor’s hall to obtain an open space that the couple has proposed as a dining room

diseño interiores

arquitectura espacios

The couple owner was wanted a quality reform that would last a lifetime and resistant materials and comfortable to not have to make reforms in the coming decades. And he asked for simple and current furniture that would survive the passage of time since his goal is to spend more money on travel and experiences.

The kitchen had 3 entrance doors: from the distributor, the hallway and a bedroom. It was decided to make a doorless entrance from the main room. At first the couple asked for a more open design but when teaching them the little storage space they allowed they opted for a kitchen with 3 walls:

cocina diseño

arquitectura interiores

A parquet tone tile was chosen for the floor, since the couple wanted a resistant and easy to maintain floor. To give a sense of continuity, it was decided that the living room, dining room and kitchen had the same floor.

desing kitchen barcelona

The dashboard was decided as the continuation of the Silestone countertop to give uniformity and comfort. The couple chose neutral colors to be able to give importance to the decorative elements that they contributed from their numerous trips.

The living room is a continuation of the two previous spaces and is the obligatory step towards the night area.

Javier Barba


La zona de nit va tenir la seva complicació a l’refer la cuina i els banys. En la distribució anterior existia un accés a la cuina des del passadís de la zona de nit i un antic lavabo que el propietari anterior tenia habilitat per a la rentadora. A l’refer la distribució de la cuina l’accés a la mateixa des de la zona de nit va quedar anul·lada i es va donar més espai a l’antic lavabo per convertir-lo en una cambra de bany complet de 3 peces.

Els banys es van pensar en tons diferents a petició dels propietaris:

Diseño bañodiseño
















The other bathroom was the same size but has been modernized and incorporated a storage cabinet at the request of the couple. The bathrooms, like the whole house, incorporate lights in the ceiling.

This second bathroom is gray:

reforma y arquitectura

The Master Bedroom followed the original layout and was updated. Two electrical outlets, one telephone and one switch were added to each bedside table.

reformas de diseño

Reform for Young Couple and Traveler

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