Home Staging – Make up your Home to Sell it.

home staging ausbar inmobiliaria maquillar tu casa para venderla

Sell ​​the Best Price.

This practice comes from the United States and Canada. It consists of enhancing the image of a house to improve the Sale Price.

Lowering the Price is not always the Best Option.

For most potential buyers, it is very difficult to see the possibilities of an old house full of furnitures. This is why a make-up of the house is made. The result is so influential in the final Sale Price that this service is common in many countries when you want to Sell a Home.

According to the different statistics that have been published: make up a house can reduce by 50% the time needed to sell and increase the price by up to 7% compared to the market *

The first impression is what counts.

According to most Real Estate companies, the first impression is essential for a prospective buyer to be interested in a property. People looking for houses start their search, 90% of the time, for an internet search. The photographs that are published in the different portals and the Real Estate websites are fundamental. A buyer may reject a property or be interested in it according to that first impression. This decision takes a few seconds.

El Home Staging se consolida en España

The Home Staging arrived a few years ago as an exotic practice, today all the first level Real Estate perform this practice. Home Staging can be done at different levels and Ausbar Real Estate makes all them:

Improve Photographs of the Property

retouching or including small details of decoration. Simple flowers or tablecloths can make a big difference.

Update the house with touches of makeup

So that the visits are a success. Paint the walls in white. Showing the house clean and without furniture piled up improve the perception of the future buyer.

Furnish an empty house

Contrary to what is thought if a furnished home is taught, the buyer can get a better idea of ​​the space available


*10 Tips for Selling your Home According to BBC: Counseling for a professional and Home Staging