Commercial & Business Law

Contracts and Trade Actions

The Commercial Law is part of the Private Law and includes all the rules related to the Merchants in reference to the development of their work. 

Commercial Lawyer

Ausbar Advocats has a long experience in the Assessorament Juridical Business in tots els aspectes of the seva mercaitat activitat:

  • Business Restructuring

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Corporate law

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property

  • Commercial Mediation

  • Digital Law

Commercial Law is not static,

it is adapted to the changing needs of the market, the Companies and the community in general. In any case, five principles are always respected:

  • It is an Individualistic Law, they are contracts between individuals
  • Professionalism: Protects the interests of entrepreneurs
  • Progressive as it changes over time
  • Internationalization, is integrated into a global trade
  • Consuetudinary: it is based on customs.

Pablo Barba, Lawyer.

Abogado advocat Pablo Barba lawyer pablo barbaPablo Barba is the head of our group of Lawyers. He is the founder of Ausbar Lawyer and has a great experience in high level offices, among them Garrigues Firm.


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