Business Restructuring

Ausbar abogado de operaciones de reestructuración empresarial Business Restructuring.Mergers and Splits
.Acquisition and Sale of Companies.
.Restructuring of Business Groups.
.Non-monetary contributions of Activity Branches and Stock Exchanges.
.Due Tax Diligence.


What is a process of Business Restructuring?

We have all known companies that have been losing customers until they have unfortunately had to close.

Any company, whatever its size, will have to adapt to the environment that surrounds it and to the constant changes that are taking place around it. The success or failure of your career to grow and create value will depend on your ability to adapt.

A process of Corporate Restructuring implies a change, and that change will be more or less drastic depending on our ability to anticipate, that is, the sooner we anticipate the future and adapt our structure to it, the less drastic the measures will be.

The need to undertake a Restructuring Process is usually preceded by a loss of competitive positioning first, and subsequently by a deterioration in the company’s financial structure.

Types of Business Restructuring

Financial Business Restructuring

With the purpose of:

  • Find alternative Sources of Financing.
  • Renegotiate conditions with banks
  • Establish financing policies distinguishing between the short and the long term.
  • Redefine the ideal structure between sources of own and external financing.

Operative Business Restructuring

With the purpose of:

  • Adapt the Structure of Fixed Costs.
  • Outsource areas of activity, that is, we can outsource the maintenance and computer support of our company without having our own equipment, or even, for example, we can outsource warehouse management.
  • Relocate our facilities
  • Adapt our template to production needs.
  • Implement new technologies in business processes.

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