Industrial Property and Copyrights

Ausbar Lawyer provides services in the defense of the non-material Property of Persons, Institutions and Companies. We help protect Intellectual and Industrial Property, Copyrihts: We manage the patent process, the Trademark Registry and everything related to R + D + I. We manage and protect the reputation on the Internet: Web’s, Social Networks, Forums and Wikis.


  • Registration and Protection of Trademarks and Designs.
  • Registration and protection of Intellectual Property.
  • New Technologies, Data Protection and Right to Communication.
  • Protection of Public Image in Social Networks: Protection and Public Image Management.
  • Right online.


  • Patents and Utility Models
  • Industrial Designs
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Indications
  • Technological Contracts.


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Industrial Property Databases

The Industrial Property databases are a valuable source of technological information. The documents contained in these databases provide technical, commercial and legal information.

For example, the patent or utility model documents contain information that can be used in strategic surveillance to analyze the innovations that are taking place in a given sector, the research lines of the competition, etc. On the other hand, these documents usually contain information that is not disclosed through any other means.

The search for information in the Industrial Property and Copyrights databases is important to study the possibilities of requesting a patent / utility model for the results obtained in the innovative process. Likewise, the information contained in these databases is relevant in the initial stages of development of new products, for several reasons:

The knowledge of elements designed or developed by other companies / individual inventors will provide additional ideas for the development of the new product. In addition, the analysis of the protected products will facilitate the differentiation of the new product and will increase its possibilities of protection through some type of property title.

The adequate study of the products protected by the titles of Industrial Property and Copyrights will prevent the development and placing on the market of products that may interfere with the elements protected by other companies / individual inventors. It must be borne in mind that the placing on the market of a new product that may infringe patents / utility models / protected industrial designs can be a source of significant costs.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

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