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Ausbar Lawyer, with Pablo Barba like Team’s Chief of Real Estate lawyers, we lend within the legal sector an integrated care of all Real Estate Transactions. We know in detail the various Markets and the practices that are performed in them. We modernize the contractual and financing formulas.

Platinum Estates cliente de Ausbar abogado inmobiliarioWe conduct real estate transactions of foreign investors in Spain, including PLATINUM one of the fastest growing investment groups in recent years. We carry out real estate transactions of high complexity and we participate in negotiations that require a great specialization.

Ausbar Law Firm is heir to the tradition, almost 200 years old, of the Barba Family in the Real Estate sector. Ausbar has represented at some point some of the oldest institutions of parents loyalty customers over the decades.

As buffete of Real Estate Lawyer we advise on the different areas of real estate: real estate purchase and sale, leases, promotion and construction contracts, real estate financing and legal configuration of large properties.

Ausbar Retail offers personalized advice to Retail and Catering companies: finding the most appropriate space, negotiating contracts and conditions, managing licenses and optimizing the payment of taxes. Some clients and partners we have collaborated with:

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We have experience in the Management of Estate Assets and the execution of Wills with different heirs. Our personalized attention for each client involved, we help to reach satisfactory agreements and we carry out all the procedures with the Public Administrations.

We collaborate on a regular basis with Schools in the Management of facilities expansion, Expropriations and Norms.

Pablo Barba, Lawyer.

Abogado advocat Pablo Barba lawyer pablo barbaPablo Barba is the head of our group of Lawyers. He is the founder of Ausbar Lawyer and has a great experience in high level offices, among them Garrigues.


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