International Taxation


  • Tax advice on investments and foreign divestments in Spain.


  • Tax advice on investments and Spanish divestments abroad.


International tax law

As is well known, the international dimension of a business activity increases the complexity at the time of taxation, and in many cases even minimum benefits are obtained, almost nonexistent, as a result of double taxation, a serious obstacle to world trade. However, International Tax Law is composed of rules that try to avoid these problems.

From a legal point of view, International Tax Law is made up of rules and treaties that, while trying to avoid tax evasion, also seek to encourage the internationalization of companies in very different ways, and one of them is trying to prevent double taxation problems .

Concrete Services offered by Ausbar Abogados in the area of International Taxation


Global advice to our clients with international projection aimed at detecting opportunities for fiscal optimization and identifying the risks of incurring excessive taxation.


Avoid situations of international double taxation that may arise from the current BEPS project (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) led by the OECD, also identifying possible opportunities for fiscal efficiency that may arise from BEPS.


Our International Tax professionals work closely with the mergers and acquisitions teams to provide our clients with comprehensive advice and a joint and coordinated service in these situations of special importance.


Ausbar Abogados offers our clients a group of services that covers all decisions derived from the current international environment.


Identify Potential Risks

and possible opportunities

as a result of the changes produced in the new environment. We detect the specific needs of our clients’ business and develop customized solutions.


Implement the appropriate measures to attack the Potential Risks derived from the regulatory changes

Materialize the opportunities detected. We offer services focused on supporting the decision making and definition of Fiscal Policies on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the value chain of the business from a fiscal perspective.


Adequate compliance with the new tax obligations

Services directed to the adequate fulfillment of the new fiscal obligations and in terms of transfer prices of the new international legal framework.


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Abogado advocat Pablo Barba lawyer pablo barbaPablo Barba is the head of our group of Lawyers. He is the founder of Ausbar Lawyer and has a great experience in high level offices, among them Garrigues.

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