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Taxation of Family Business

Family Taxation

In the 90s the regulations applicable to the family business were approved. This regulation applied the exemption of Wealth Tax (IP) for economic activities and participations in companies with a marked family shareholding. This regulation also reduced the inheritance and gift tax (ISD) by 95%.

But the application of this regulation is not easy. This establishes many requirements. Likewise, the CCAA have powers to vary these taxes and the inspection bodies of the CCAA have made different interpretations and actions in this regard.

Since the adoption of such legislation, the administrative doctrine has evolved to the point that some higher courts of justice have adopted contradictory criteria for what the Supreme Court has had to intervene.

All this legal situation has caused that the familiar companies have a high level of uncertainty and that they are forced to follow constantly the evolution of the criteria adopted by organisms of inspection.

Family Taxation