Management of Real Estate Patrimonies, Inheritances, Rentals

Rental Management

We manage the rental of your property from start to finish:

Search of Tenants, Contracts, Repairs, Taxes, Management of Defaults

Planning of succession processes

Hereditary procedures. Inheritances

Investments and divestments in real estate

Real Estate Investment for Rent

Tips to make your Real Estate Investment profitable:

  1. Invest rationally and do not get carried away by emotions or feelings. They are operations that reclamar gastos de formulación de Hipoteca reclamar clausula sòl gestionar alquilerinvolve large economic amounts so you have to analyze with peace of mind all the factors involved in the investment.
  2. The location of the apartment is the most important. The ideal is to find a neighborhood of a large city that is in the process of revaluation. Modern and dynamic areas tend to be those that increase their value over time.
  3. Housing / office or commercial premises. As a rule, Residential Housing is usually more profitable but a Commercial Place located in the centers of the Cities are also a good investment.
  4. Study the long and short term rental prospects of the area. Some areas stand out for having a lot of demand for rent and little supply.
  5. In case of needing to make a reform, this has to be valued and to study if together with the price of the housing we are profitable the Investment.
  6. It is better to invest in areas that are known and that are close to where we live. It is the best way to control our Investment.
  7. The Community Expenses are a fact to take into account. The luxurious urbanizations or with many benefits have high maintenance costs that then can not always be reflected in the rental price and reduce the benefits of our investment.
  8. Assess the characteristics of the property and the area. Having more or less bedrooms, elevator or garage and that is located in a quiet area or having sunlight all day are points that determine the ease of getting a Cost-Effective Tenant.
  9. In case of needing financing for the Investment, it is necessary to compare very well the different mortgages that are offered and to negotiate all the points with the Banking Entities
  10. If you do not have experience, it is best to have a Real Estate Consultant who is in charge of discarding areas and real estate. The expert will also assess the best legal form for the new acquisition according to their family and work conditions and will take the necessary steps with finance in this regard. An Expert in Real Estate Investments also negotiates with banking entities to avoid abusive clauses.
    Some Examples of Properties and Homes that We Manage:

Some Examples of Properties and Homes that We Manage:

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