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Propieties in Barcelona

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Propieties in Barcelona city and surroundings.

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Barcelona is one of the richest cities in Europe and the richest in Spain, it is the capital of Catalonia. It has an ancient history that is part of the Roman empire and the role played by its port by its strategic position is important. Walking through the city of Comtal, one of the cultural capitals of Europe, you can appreciate the different stages that have happened: the Roman ruins of “Casc Antic”, the medieval buildings of the “Gothic Quarter”, the famous palaces of Gaudí and modernist Barcelona, ​​to the modern edif
as Meier, Calatrava, Foster and Gehry. You can follow the tracks of Cervantes or Picasso when they lived in Barcelona.

The city is divided into 10 districts.

</ H3> The most prestigious are l’Eixample </ strong>, especially the Quadrant d ‘ or, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi </ strong> and Grace </ strong> L’Eixample is the district of the “Sagrada Familia” and inside this area is the famous “Quadrat d’Or” “, where the most famous examples of modernist architecture are collected. A growing number of international buyers are looking for high standing </ strong> properties in Barcelon,  in this area, especially in the Paseo de Gracia </ strong>, where the exclusive luxury boutiques of the most important international brands are located , in addition to the beautiful Casa Batló and Casa Milà. </ strong> Some buildings in this area are historical houses of high cultural interest and having a luxury apartment in this area is a symbol of great social status. The other exclusive symbol district is certainly Sarrià- Sant Gervasi </ strong>, a favorite area of ​​the Catalan bourgeoisie. Contrary to what happens in the city center, here buyers prefer a more modern type of luxury building, such as designer penthouses with views over the entire city or magnificent villas with swimming pools immersed in the vegetation. There is no shortage of period residences and stately homes characterized by the typical modernist style, especially in the neighborhoods of Tres Torres and Bonanova. </ Strong> Other high-end buildings frequently sought after by Barcelonian luxury lovers are the wonderful apartments of Pedralbes </ strong> and the panoramic penthouses of the city center, often overlooking the beach of Barceloneta </ ​​strong>. The Barrio de Gracia is the cultural center of Barcelona </ strong> and is inhabited by the most artistic bourgeoisie, is the place chosen by designers and entrepreneurs of new technologies. In the upper part of the district of Gracia, in La Salud, old stately homes of summer and high standing apartments rise parallel to the neighborhood of Sarrià. Propieties in Barcelona.

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