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Sell your House with Ausbar:

We have an unbeatable network of high level contacts both in clients and owners within the national and international scope. This allows us to offer great investment opportunities, achieving a real and safe profitability in the city of Barcelona.


Market study.

We make a professional assessment of your home and ensure the viability of the operation (Taxation, fund provision cancellation mortgage, ITE, etc.)

A Real Estate Expert.

You have a real estate expert who will advise you throughout the sale process so you can get the highest possible price when selling your apartment.

Marketing plan.

We send you a professional photographer, write the description and prepare the announcement for the leading portals as idealist, etc. Your home will be available to more than 10,000,000 buyers instantly.


inversión inmobiliaria vender su piso




We improve the appearance of your Floor

We optimize the buyer’s experience. We improve the look and make professional photos. We advise on decoration and furniture distribution when teaching your floor to convince your buyer. We do a job of Home Staging Professional.


home staging ausbar inmobiliaria maquillar tu casa para venderla





We manage visits to your property.

Some buyers travel from abroad or from other cities and dedicate only one day to visits, other local buyers only have the possibility of visiting their property outside their working hours: You do not have to worry about anything. Our Personal buyers will accompany the buyers in the visits they need to see the property and will answer all the technical questions of the investors.

Call filtering and Visits Synchronization

We answer calls so that nobody bothers you. Our customer service is available in four languages (Spanish, English, French and Catalan) given the high demand from international buyers. We unify the different channels through which we receive notifications: mail, voice calls and Social Networks and channel and order them.



We manage Mandatory Certificates

The law obliges the seller to submit several compulsory certificates in order to sell their apartment, the certificate of occupancy or the Energy Certificate. You do not have to worry as we manage your procurement.

The buyer also demands that the property be free of charges so our team of Real Estate lawyers is responsible for presenting all the required documentation.


certificados para vender su piso

Your personal CRM Gestión de ofertas dinámicas experto inmobiliario

Management of dynamic offers.

Your real estate expert and our IT tools promote your offers among interested buyers to get the highest price for your home.

Personalized Attention

He is informed at all times of interested buyers, their visits, the impact of the marketing campaign, their feedback and offers at all times through their Personal Buyer and the communication that Social Networks allow.

Re Marketing and tracking of buyers.

A personalized follow-up of all the offers is carried out so as not to leave any possibility aside. This guarantees you always get the best price when selling your house.



We accompany you to the firm.

Once you have found your buyer, your real estate expert with your lawyer supports you until the signing of the purchase-sale contract ensuring that all the required procedures and the deposit contract are carried out and the final contract of sale has the best clauses for you.

We plan the Tax Strategy

Selling a property entails some expenses and taxes that must be taken into account when setting a price as when drafting a purchase-sale contract. Our team of Real Estate Lawyers and Tax Attorneys will help you in all these steps: IRPF, Municipal Goodwill …

We will also advise you with other associated expenses: notary …


firma de contrato vender tu piso o propiedad sell your house

Sell your House with Ausbar Technical and Legal Advice

ausbar abogado inmobiliaria constructora y arquitecto



Col.legi d’Administradors de Finques de Barcelona i Lleida.


Other Services we provide when selling your home:

Cancellation of Mortgage, if the property had an associated.

Verification that the dwelling is free of Charges.

So that the house is free of charges, who sells must be up to date with community payments, spills, IBI, garbage tax, etc., which must be paid by the owner of the house on January 1. That is, if the sale is signed on January 2, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, all taxes are borne by the seller.